The UEDA Story

By: UEDA Administrator  |  News & Events

Through the years, UEDA has transformed to fit the needs of our growing community and member base. We have grown into our role as a third-party intermediary, and have evolved with a focus on our members and our three c’s: collaboration, capacity building and connections.

UEDA’s membership network has over 300 individuals from more than 95 nonprofits, businesses and government agencies that represent the arts, disability, housing, small business, philanthropic, financial, corporate, local food, entertainment, and governmental sectors. Together, we work to invest in and support initiatives that strengthen Wisconsin communities and urban neighborhoods.

Over the past several years, we have been working behind the scenes to better serve our members and community. We are proud to visualize this commitment with a personalized new easier-to-navigate website, educational resources and logo.

Our new website was designed to easily communicate with our network and community members. The clean layout makes the website easy to navigate and our new colors are calming but eye-catching. We focused on new copy that demonstrates the value of our network and the opportunities available through collaboration, capacity building and connections.

UEDA logo-teal

The unique shape of the logo holds several different meanings about the work we do, the people we work with, and our role in facilitating meaningful connections in Wisconsin’s community and economic development sector.


The unique shape resembles four individuals gathered in a space, much like we do around a conference table. This represents the cross-sector connections we facilitate and the relationships and opportunities that develop because of UEDA. Convening allows us to bring together the strengths and ideas of several committed individuals or groups, and is an important part of the success of any project we work on.


The larger diamond shape resembles a compass, and represents our role as a guide for our members and community at large. We help to guide people to the places, organizations and individuals that lead to growth, collaboration and new opportunities. UEDA is trusted to navigate across sectors and between different groups and individuals that lead to strengthening communities across southeastern Wisconsin.

Three Pillars + Membership

The four parts of the logo also represent the four arms of UEDA: membership, collaboration, capacity building and connections. Learn more about our three pillars and membership opportunities at What We Do.